August 11, 2004
What's on OBL's mind

I was pissed off this morning reading a Washington Times piece about Al Qaeda's threat(s), where unnamed officials said that AQ wanted "anybody but Bush." First, it's bullshit, but second, how fucking presumptuous is it to assume we know what AQ wants right now?

So I read with interest Alan Cullison's new piece in The Atlantic, describing the contents of one of the (stolen) AQ computers he bought in Afghanistan in late 2001. Read the whole thing, but I'll point out the drafts or actual notes written by Ol' Dirty Bastard himself. I am struck by how naive he was, particularly about the role Israel has/does not have in the American mind.

"To: The American People
From: Osama bin Laden
Folder: Publications
Date: October 3, 2001

What takes place in America today was caused by the flagrant interference on the part of successive American governments into others' business. These governments imposed regimes that contradict the faith, values, and lifestyles of the people. This is the truth that the American government is trying to conceal from the American people.

Our current battle is against the Jews. Our faith tells us we shall defeat them, God willing. However, Muslims find that the Americans stand as a protective shield and strong supporter, both financially and morally. The desert storm that blew over New York and Washington should, in our view, have blown over Tel Aviv. The American position obliged Muslims to force the Americans out of the arena first to enable them to focus on their Jewish enemy. Why are the Americans fighting a battle on behalf of the Jews? Why do they sacrifice their sons and interests for them?

To: Mullah Omar
From: Osama bin Laden
Folder: Deleted File (Recovered)
Date: October 3, 2001

Thus our plan in the face of this campaign should focus on the following:
—Conduct a media campaign to fight the enemy's publicity. The campaign should focus on the following important points:

a) Attempt to cause a rift between the American people and their government, by demonstrating the following to the Americans:
—That the U.S. government will lead them into further losses of money and lives.
—That the government is sacrificing the people to serve the interests of the rich, particularly the Jews.
—That the government is leading them to the war front to protect Israel and its security.
—America should withdraw from the current battle between Muslims and Jews.

Posted by dbrown at August 11, 2004 05:29 PM

the atlantic articl eis for subscribers only....

but am i to really believe that osama and omar just e-mail each other like that? using their real names and what not? like some interoffice memo or something?

there used to be a gi-joe cartoon. the joes fighting the evil international army of evil known as cobra. and their leader was cobra commander. yo joe!

Posted by: james on August 13, 2004 12:02 AM
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