August 24, 2004
I Dream of Kerry

I had a dream about John Kerry last night. Some campaign related event, but he was just hanging out at the end of a fold-up table, talking with one friend. I sat down and apologized for interrupting, and asked him a question, I can't remember which. Kerry, who was younger "in person," was wearing a heavy cable knit sweater and seemed strong, ready, like a lumberjack or something. He gave a big smile and talked for a bit and then turned back to his conversation, like a regular person would.

Last week, on the F train, I bumped into an old friend/acquaintance, who relayed a now-similar story: He dreamed about Kerry, about just hanging out, what a nice guy Kerry was.

This is a brilliant campaign ploy, I think. Google thinks so, too.

Posted by dbrown at August 24, 2004 10:07 AM
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