September 02, 2004
J.F. Sebastian's Workshop

So I've asked the question before, and I'll ask it again: If you could fuck a robot, would you?

Most recently, a response pointed me to Real Dolls, $6500 lifesize silicone sex buddies. Not animatronic, let alone pseudo-sentient, and thus nowhwere near the answer. But as with Blade Runner's "toys," Real Dolls require maintenance and repair. Enter Real Doll Doctor, which has more images of the Dolls, in something like amateur-porn-splendor. The meat, if you will, is in the Real Doll Surgery pages. This is the future, obsessed men spending hours repairing their silicone-based sex partners.

note: truly disturbing imagery, close that office door

Posted by dbrown at September 02, 2004 03:07 PM

Would the robot look like George Clooney?
Ralph Fiennes?
Also, would the robot wear a condom?
Also, would we be able to have dinner beforehand?

Posted by: Jude Christison on September 8, 2004 02:06 PM
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