September 15, 2004
Travels with George

This passage from Russ Baker's "why bush left texas" -- "'I had the impression that he knew that Georgie was using pot, certainly, and perhaps cocaine," she said." -- made me, for a moment, have a sense memory of inhaling. And I thought with some shock, yes, maybe GWBush and I have shared the exact same feeling, of the moment when the drugs hit the brain. Now, I don't know what drugs feel like on someone else's brain, but it can't be that different. It was a moment of connection with the president, and it felt really weird to have any connection.

But then this also reminds me of a party in college, when I stumbled out into the backyard to piss in the bushes (it was a crowded party). A friends' half-dog, half-wolf, Jasper, was tied up back there; the dog-wolf didn't like anyone except his owners. I thought, and explained to Jasper that he and were both the same, we both pissed outside. I pissed, and spoke soothingly to the dog-wolf. It didn't work with Jasper. It probably wouldn't work with George.

Posted by dbrown at September 15, 2004 03:49 PM
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