November 05, 2004

drinks and dinner tonight at Cafe Loup on west 13th; toward the end of dinner, 3 men -- one young, one youngish foreign, and one older -- are seated next to us. Waiter makes some mention of the election, that they had won. Wasn't sure what he meant, but 2 minutes later, the youngest of the guys is suddenly talking about John Kerry, as if he was in the Youth in 1934, talking about hymies: "Did you ever see pictures of Kerry when he was young? He was so ugly, his little eyes, it's unbelievable." A moment later, the conversation turns to Bush, and the same guy says, straight face, "George Bush is an honorable man." His companions rush to agree. I lean over, and ask the older one: "Is this parody, or is this for real?" He says: "For real." The wait for the check was interminable.

Posted by dbrown at November 05, 2004 10:59 PM
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