December 02, 2004
Fishing Bagdhad

I am spending a lot of time reading about fishing these days. Which has been fascinating, in the new-jargon way (e.g., " I went to a 3/16 oz darter jig and a 3" curl tail grub in salt and pepper. I swam the jig into the bait fish and when I felt them bumping the bait, I'd let it fall. ... I've also had some success slow rolling a blue glimmer spinnerbait from hook some bass lures, in the 1/2 oz size.") Today, though, brought in this story from Bassmaster, about fishing in Saddam Hussein's pond.

"I was stationed at Baghdad International Airport, and one day I ran into a buddy I'd spent some time with in Korea," Sgt. Curiel explains. "He told me his unit was headquartered at Saddam Hussein's palace on the airport grounds, and the palace had a lake surrounding it. He said he'd seen fish coming up, so we decided to try to make some tackle and catch some of them.:

Posted by dbrown at December 02, 2004 07:06 PM

Robin points out that I missed the key quote:
"DePrater continues, "We've heard that Saddam only allowed his family (tribe) to fish these lakes. All others (caught fishing) were put in jail. When Palace Lake was drained (searching for weapons), they found over a hundred dead bodies in the lake. (No wonder the fish were big!)""

Posted by: dbrown on December 2, 2004 10:48 PM
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