December 03, 2004
Same Time Next Year

On the the theme of time and place and history, if you need a quick refresher on being a teenager, livejournal helpfully serves up its latest posts.

The worst happened.
By now everyone should know what happened between me an my mom this morning.
In English, Skip asked about it, and I wrote it down, along with my feelings.
How I hate how my mom treats me, that shes a hag.
Hag found the note.
And apparently shes been reading all my other notes, going through my purse and school bag to find them.
She knows everything.

I am confused by boys they make so little sense at times..... But I happy that they are them and not me

I truely despise snow.

five things that annoy you:
1. fAke BiTcHeS
2. mY mOtHeR _ tHe sUpeR bItcH
3. JuSt PeOpLe
4.fUkIn waDe _ hEs pIsSinG mE ofF
5. wAdEs gAy AsS fRiEnD wHo iS aNnOyInG mE mOrE

To dumbass shoppers at Wal-Mart:
1. Get the FUCK out of my way. God DAMN IT. Move your fat ass out of my way. I have things to do, people to see, and I am more important than you are. I rule. You suck. Bow down and lick the dirt off my shoes before I kick your teeth in.

[and then also, non-teenagers:
I've been thinking a lot about chris and my relationship. I don't think it will last much longer. I'm on the edge right now as it is. About a month ago if someone suggested leaving him, I would have had all these emotional attachments, and would have said I can't... now on the other hand, I feel more willing, no strings attached. today when he left to work and asked for a hug, I said no, then he says "same damn thing, every day". I just wonder if he don't realize what is really happening. I have not felt intimate toward him for quite some time now... he and I both know it we just don't discuss it. We never talk. I try bringing stuff up and he's either too tired, busy, or it's too late and he has work the next day. I feel bad cuz I always have bad stuff to say about him, but he really brings it upon himself. Last night he says to me "if we had 2 phone lines, we could chat online together" i said "yeah we could" and then he comes back with "you never want to talk to me out loud". ]

Posted by dbrown at December 03, 2004 07:54 PM
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