January 06, 2005
Don't Analyze the High

What happens when you over-think an auction? Via Boing Boing, and google's cache, a former grad student gives us the blow by blow of why she's selling her P.K. Dick letters. (And if we follow her vapor trail, we find a even more history of the letters, even if it's against her wishes. ("I REGARD STEALTHILY COLLECTING INFORMATION ABOUT ANYONE AS UNETHICAL")

"Why? The paper is old, and my medical, tax, and equifax records are probably available online for $9.99 each or 3 for $20. No, I am not a victim: however, living in the sexual and domestic violence capitol of the U.S. (by 122%) has sensitized me to conditions on the ground, the "physical evil of power." It is depressingly not surprising that new AIDs infections are highest amongst women--quantitatively enough that some now classify infection as a new form of sexual and domestic violence-- while the faithful yet insist on abstinence, ignoring that their favorite position offers exactly 0 options for young girls whose food scarcity maximum reality situation is choosing between exchanging sex for food and no food. I want to leave the fascist state where I am and work on the genvia project. Those and diaspora of the physical originals of these letters are my goals. ...

What bridges are being burned?

None except that the status quo of 30 years--all the physical originals being in the same place with me--is going to change. The originals having been with me in the same place for 30 years has done no good; there is no reason to expect it to do any present or future good."

Posted by dbrown at January 06, 2005 07:10 PM
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