February 02, 2005

As these stories usually go, I was looking for something, but instead found this, on Bartleby:

"New York is something awful, something monstrous. I like to walk the streets, lost, but I recognize that New York is the world’s greatest lie. New York is Senegal with machines." -- Federico García Lorca, 1931

(Which reminds me of Le Corbusier: "A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe.")

Posted by dbrown at February 02, 2005 04:04 PM

Kundera writes, "Beauty in the European sense has always had a premeditated quality to it...always an aesthetic intention and a long-range plan...The beauty of New York rests on a completely different base. It's unintentional. It arose independent of human design, like a stalagmitic cavern. Forms which are themselves quite ugly turn up fortuitously, without design, in such incredible surroundings that they sparkle with a sudden wondrous poetry...Before beauty disappears entirely from the earth, it will go on existing for a while by mistake. 'Beauty by mistake'--the final phase in the history of beauty."

Posted by: rach on February 3, 2005 07:25 PM

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