February 14, 2005
The Deep End

Sometime early in high school, we (science class?) went on a field trip to the Pulgas Water Temple, a Depression-era Classical monument to public works, through which some of the waters of the watershed flowed, at a volume and speed that was terrifying. Then we visited the attached but hidden water treatment plant. Yep, tons of fun. Touring the underground plant, I peeked through a thick window into a holding tank with maybe 2 billion gallons of water in it. It was gigantic, the water was crystal clear, the tank seemed to go on for ever and ever. For years I was haunted by the idea of being trapped in there. I am haunted right now by it, the idea of all that water and no escape.

Last week, the body of a chemist who worked at a similar treatment plant in New Jersey was found in a similar tank. Another childhood fear made whole.

Posted by dbrown at February 14, 2005 11:00 AM

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