March 06, 2005
your little house deep in the desert


You may remember the Spring 2002 number of Cabinet, the Property issue; for a penny (I think), you could buy a Cabinet-magazine-page-size piece of land in the desert outside Deming, NM. The magazine held on to other parts of the their ebay-bought parcel ("cabinetlandia") for future projects. One of of those has been realized, the Cabinet Library, by a reader, Matthew Passmore. "The arced wall is approximately 15 feet long on either side of the cabinet. As viewed from the backside, the library appears as a gently-sloping mound rising from the desert floor, and is almost entirely camouflaged from view."

Borges: "My solitude rejoices in this elegant hope."
Cohen: "You’re living for nothing now, I hope you’re keeping some kind of record."

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