March 14, 2005
Two Stories about Damien Hirst

I skimmed the Times lovefest about Hirst on the train this morning, but then went back to read it again after finding this Times of London story covering the same ground (via How We Work via mefi).

NY Times: "He readily admits that, as in the case of many artists working today, while his hand is involved in every painting, some of his assistants - most of whom are trained artists - do some of the painting for him. "I have a great team," he said."

Times of London: "The teams of assistants do most of the bread-and-butter copying — "If it was me I'd paint it monochrome and stick a fag packet in the middle" — and Damien patrols the results, jazzing up this and that: a dab here, a daub there. He's just been working on the blood pouring down from a football hooligan's face and takes me over to inspect his handiwork. He's been adding glazes. Making it look more bloody.

Don't the assistants get upset when he dabs about with their paintings? Doesn't he sometimes spoil what's there? All the time, he giggles, proudly, but they are not their paintings, they're his. And to ensure this is clear, he swaps the assistants around from picture to picture so nobody is ever responsible for the whole thing. Smart strategy."

Posted by dbrown at March 14, 2005 02:57 PM

a million plus dollars says its art.

i really thought, and even said so at the time, that during graduate school the art department should have given each grad student an undergrad or three to utulize. that would be an education: to organize, manage, order, convince other people to do your bidding. they would get credit, i would get credit. and we both would learn some essential something, i.e. what we value things. and what you can figure other people, who are not you, might value things.

damien hearst ain't about death or life or sustainablity or even art. he's about values. he just figures it all in goopity goop first.

Posted by: james on March 15, 2005 01:21 PM


Thanks for the link to the Times of London story, it answered a question I had.

Posted by: Zeke on March 15, 2005 03:54 PM
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