March 22, 2005
A prolonged, endless display of loss and love


RFK was killed on June 4, 1968; four days later, after his body had been flown to New York, a funeral train carried him from NYC to Washington. Paul Fusco, a Look photographer (working through Magnum?) hopped on the train and shot color photographs the whole way down, shooting the million+ people lining the right of way. A book of those pictures, RFK Funeral Train, came out in 2000. I had seen it then and thought it was incredible, was reminded of it last year watching the Reagan lying-in-state, and finally picked up a copy, only fifteen bucks on amazon. It is a document of the rarest of occurences; in Fusco's phrase, an "endless display of loss and love." Words can't really do it justice; each picture, in its ektachrome glory, tears another little bit of your heart.

A tight selection is online, though the colors are washed out and the pixelish nature of jepgs destroys things a bit; as are some bits of interview with Fusco.

Posted by dbrown at March 22, 2005 10:09 PM
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