April 07, 2005
Mediums, Messages

John Dvorak (of all people) makes a perfect point about the new photography: "the camera itself has essentially become the film." Where you used to carefully (or not so carefully) select from Ekta- or Koda-, Fujifilm for kids' pictures, what have you, now you just have your one sensor. Having switched from a Minolta to a Canon last year, I can say that he's right, at times it is night and day (especially at night). I wonder what kind of odd sensor-nostalgia/fetishism (or obsolete-sensor hacks) we will see in a year, or five. Not to mention the CCD vs. CMOS wars of 2007.

And, later, mourning, prematurely, the presentation and the cult of the negative, first waxed paper, then glass, then celluloid, then more complicated plastic.

Posted by dbrown at April 07, 2005 04:03 PM
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