April 07, 2005
Eustace Fucking Tilly

This week the NY Observer epatéed the bourgeoisie by pulling back the curtain on the New Yorker, publishing its own version of the complete masthead (pdf). As more than one ny media volk noted, Spy did the same thing, back even before I graduated high school. (Can't find an online version.) (of Spy, not high school.)

But the first question wasn't who did this first, it's who's left from 1987 (1986?). Herewith, the veterans who make both: Jane Kramer, Ian Frazier (non-contiguous service), John McPhee, Lillian Ross, Susan Sheehan, Mark Singer, Calvin Tomkins, John Updike, Alec Wilkinson, Peter Canby, Martin Baron, Mary Hawthorne (in '87 a "collator"), Lee Lorenz, Roger Angell, John Bennett, Alice Quinn, Bruce Diones, Jack Ziegler, Gahan Wilson, Robert Weber, Mike Twohy, Mick Stevens, Robert Mankoff, J.J. Sempe, Donald Reilly, Michael Maslin, Leo Cullum, Michael Crawford, Tom Cheney, Roz Chast, George Booth, Charles Barsotti.

Spy staff now TNY staff: Tad Friend, Susan Morrison

Honorable mention to Ben McGrath, whose father was on the '87 masthead

apologies if I missed anyone, Spy had such small type. (that's a joke, kinda)

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