April 28, 2005
Chapter Two: I'd rather be a camgirl, than a cyborg

Theresa Senft, a recent NYU PhD, has a forthcoming book (umm, think it's simply the dissertation) titled "Camgirls: Webcams, Livejournals And The Personal As Political In The Age Of The Global Brand," summarized on her old-school echonyc homepage. Excerpt below; obviously of interest in these days of figuring out what this gusher of words, emotion, and pathos on the web adds up to. (Even given my allergy to academe and most things related to graduate education.)

"In time, I realized that my earlier theorization of camgirls as Laura Mulvey’s worst nightmare was off base. ... the camgirl sites I was visited allowed connections between past and present, as well as social possibilities hard to imagine in film, or even television. Camgirls and their viewers were, in a word, networked. After a few weeks of watching them, I came to the conclusion that camgirls might help feminists think through the question: what does it mean to speak of the personal as political in a network society?"

Posted by dbrown at April 28, 2005 05:01 PM
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