April 29, 2005
15 Minutes

"Gallup's April 18-21, 2005, national poll of 1,003 randomly selected Americans included this simple question: "If you could talk with President Bush for 15 minutes and give him advice about anything that's on your mind, what would you tell him?""

The Gallup story; the 1,000 raw answers (!); a selection:

If he was a man he would resign and apologize to the American people for lying and going to war in Iraq, which is costing us American lives. Male, age 90
Leave office. Female, age 53
To resign. Male, age 54
Resign. Stop fooling around with (swear word) taxes. Leave Social Security and everything alone.Male, age 79
Resign. Female, age 57
To quit. Female, age 34
Tell him to quit. Female, age 56
Get out of office as fast as he can. Male, age 36
To resign. Female, age 60
Advise him to resign and give up job to someone more qualified. Male, age 49
Go home and sit down. Female, age 67
Resign and go home. Female, age 80
Get out of office. Female, age 78
To get out of office. Female, age 76
Retire. Female, age 52
Go back to Texas. Male, age 48
Resign as president. More concerned about free elections in Iraq. Male, age 50
Quit. Male, age 48
Retire. Female, age 54
Go jump in the lake. Male, age 65
[via Froomkin]

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