May 16, 2005
I am trying to find my cheese


In the past few days, I've found two otherwise well-read, culturally savvy, even plugged-in people who have simply never heard the words, "Who Moved My Cheese?" 20 million plus sold, or something like that, and still no recognition from the intelligentsia. No wonder the red states hate us; we can't help them find their cheese.

This made me go visit, and from there a good, long preview of the Who Moved My Cheese movie. Oy.

But though I have great distaste for moved-cheese and all things related to the shell game that is corporate culture and corporate "training," I was thinking about how it relates to the GUI. Doug Engelbart's "human augmentation" work in the early 1960s -- which led to the mouse, the GUI, the "mother of all demos," xerox PARC, Apple Lisa, the Mac, and even Windows -- was trying to address some of the same issues as Dr. Spencer Johnson and his moved cheese. The world is changing more rapidly now than before -- Engelbart argued, though it is debatable -- and we earthlings needed tools to adapt to that increasing rate of change. Umm, if this had a punchline it is in the WMMC video, not here at the end. Love the cheese, that is the moral. Love the cheese.

Posted by dbrown at May 16, 2005 05:12 PM

christ. i don't know what to say.

geez, cheese, please, wheeze.

i mean, i think i just killed myself. or i would have. there were two mice, and two tiny people? two tiny people named him and haw? and they like cheese? but they don't drink.

why am i bothering with art? i am in the wrong business.

the surrealists are rolling in their graves.


Posted by: james on May 17, 2005 11:30 AM
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