June 08, 2005
The Web is Reseda, which is part of California, and Jesus died from a blood clot (see also Trow)

I read this post, via mefi, predicting the Web will change (stop the presses) and that "The Web is San Francisco."

Sometimes I accidentally click on Explorer in the dock, instead of Mail, and it kicks up the default msn.com home page. Where we find what the Web is right now:

Expert: Jesus died from a blood clot
Top 15 national parks
Dad gifts: $25 & under
Tips for dressing sexy (but not too sexy)

Top 5 Search Movers
1. Natalee Holloway
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Danica Patrick
4. Anne Bancroft
5. George Clooney

Suggested Searches
News: Global warming
Colima volcano
Mars rover
Night commuters
Belmont Stakes

Posted by dbrown at June 08, 2005 06:53 PM
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