June 17, 2005
New York's Finest

In the past 24 hours I have spent a good deal of time with New York City police officers, all of whom were kind, helpful, and respectful. (Car stolen, recovered, odd story, goodbye mr. stereo, I will miss you, Hello Bronx!) Almost all the cops I dealt with had no stripes or ribbons or nothing on their uniforms -- straight up police officers, no sargeants or detectives. They were all stand up, and none of them seemed... extraordinary.

So I loved this story in the Times today, about Jersey City officer Michael Gullace, who earned his first promotion in his 37-year career, for shielding a woman and her children with his ample body during a shootout. "Officer Gullace jumped out of his chair and pulled out his 9-millimeter Glock, then grabbed the man's girlfriend and children, dragged them behind a desk and laid on top of them as other officers returned fire. When one of them, Detective Jack Bennett, ran out of ammunition, Officer Gullace tossed him his weapon."

Posted by dbrown at June 17, 2005 02:29 PM
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