June 19, 2005
Father's Day

There was three-card monte going on in front of the Old Navy on Broadway near Spring, and I stopped to watch. There was a bigger crowd than the usual three or four skells, but still, it felt like I was the only one not a shill. A father-daughter team was "playing," and was suddenly $200 down. The 20-something daughter is shouting in a Jersey or Long Island voice, "We can win it back, we can win it back!" Just like the shills do. Dad wins it back, and she says, "Let's just go." But no, of course not. And surprise, they weren't shills, they were suckers. A moment later the lookout reports cops coming, the Monte impresario is running up Broadway, Dad runs out into the street and flags down a passing cop car and the cops jump out and sprint in pursuit, I shit you not. I walk slowly up Broadway next to one of the real shills, he's on his cell narrating what's happening to another interested party, and word filters back that the dude is caught. "He is so slooow!" the guy says into the phone.

Posted by dbrown at June 19, 2005 07:50 PM
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