June 23, 2005
258 million people

87 percent of Americans polled by ABC News and the Washington Post said that if they were in the same state as Terri Schiavo, they too would want their feeding tube removed.
87 percent of Americans claimed there was no celebrity who could cause them to change their position on the Iraq war
87 percent of Americans say nativity scenes should be allowed on public property
87 percent of Americans believe Iraq is deceiving inspectors by hiding chemical and biological or other weapons of mass destruction
87 percent of Americans favor including sexuality education in the public high schools
87 percent of Americans believe that most children are capable of learning demanding subject matter
87 percent of all Americans consider themselves Christians
87 percent of Americans are familiar with, and have used, an ESPN product
87 percent of Americans will have property stolen three or more times
87 percent of Americans say the federal tax system is complex
87 percent of Americans believed that God was responsible for the creation of man.
87 percent of Americans will consume leftovers in the week following the big feast
87 percent of Americans believe fishing and boating have a positive effect on family relationships.

Posted by dbrown at June 23, 2005 06:25 PM

87 percent of americans cannot locate iraq on the map * 87 percent of americans believe cloning a child is morally wrong * 87 percent of americans support access to birth control * 87 percent of americans believe high technology is good for society * 87 percent of americans feel that teaching children how to effectively use sunscreen is of utmost importance.
all this is great, because when i'm out on my superfast powerboat (purchased with my tax refund received from cheating the irs over a series of years) with the child i've had to clone (rather than conceive) because too many years on the pill have ruined my reproductive system, i want to ensure said child doesn't get a nasty sunburn and spend the rest of the vacation surfing the internet.

Posted by: lb on June 23, 2005 07:27 PM
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