June 27, 2005
Happy Ending

I know we're all watching the creep of porn into daily life; that latest installment is in the July Wired (just out, no link yet). In a gesture that I like -- this is how Wired should do it! epaté la bourgeoisie! -- the photo-illustration that opens a story on "Big Pharma" working on the female orgasm is 24 screenshots from Beautiful Agony, site full of amateur (maybe not all) videos of le petite mort. The illustration is basically the same as BA's opening page. It is brilliant. (And remind me to tell you all that story about the guy on the plane to Paris in 1992 who showed me his portfolio of the faces of men at the moment, and asked to include me. I was flattered. What do you say?)

Posted by dbrown at June 27, 2005 09:32 PM
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