June 27, 2005
can a URL be funny?

The History of Suck.

Suck changed the world as much as Spy did, and more than McSweeney's has. And it let me email once, with a straight face and unwittingly, "good suck today."

Really, though, Suck showed the comedy potential in a mere rollover. At a party last week I ran into a guy I freelanced for in 1995 at a CD-ROM company (remember them? the fucking future), and I told him about how vividly I remember the day he showed off this new application on his Mac LC III -- Mosaic. It was just a a few months later that Suck got under way.

We are all still catching up; no one has done it the same way since. Gilliard is so personal that he gets halfway there somedays. Robotwisdom (profiled in the July 05 Wired) gets the brevity. And there's Wolcott, but he's a pro and was belly-achin' before Ana was born.

Posted by dbrown at June 27, 2005 09:52 PM
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