July 12, 2005
Remembrance (II)

So I have been interested for a while in how our digital selves are, can be, will be remembered and retained once we're gone. Email, for instance, where will you really save the emails from your dead friends?

Boingboing today notes the passing of Keith Alexander, who I did not know, but now do, through his blog. Which is untouched, as of this writing. Keith died on his bicycle; his blog this year has a lot to say about his joy in riding in the city. Especially this entry "...I finally found a good enough opening where I torqued it up to 22MPH or so and was starting to get a head of steam on. I was going for a few dozen yards when a flash of blue blows past me on the left. It was a guy in full US Postal kit, right down to the Trek Madone he was riding. I dropped a few gears and got right on his wheel and we were going at a great clip of 31MPH or so for a nice bit."

At this point it seems I should leave instructions for what happens to saturation... ashes into the East River.

Posted by dbrown at July 12, 2005 02:55 PM

OK... I like Saturation on an average day, but how much do i like that you like road cycling? It's a pretty lonely life waking at 6 to ride and then coming home to 3 hours of Tour coverage after work.

I'm not certain that cycling brought me to art but it definitely keeps me there.

Thanks for this post and the other TdF stuff. And then of course everything else.

Posted by: E. Tage Larsen on July 12, 2005 04:30 PM

and those who have gone before:

Posted by: r. on July 12, 2005 06:50 PM

and nick kilory died too. february. his blog is not so much words, rather what i now imagine as divine photographs. sometimes i think there must be some way to put it all together, publish a little book (things which i know nothing about).

yet all of it is still there, persists, just as it ever was:


Posted by: james on July 13, 2005 11:10 AM
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