October 05, 2005
sweet light crude

from a petroleum glossary

blooey line - discharge pipe
box - female section of a tool joint
daughters of radon decay
doodlebug - seismograph used in prospecting for potential oil-bearing structures
flash butt welding
go-jo (brand name, hand cleaner)
headache - cry of warning of falling objects
jug hustler - helper on seismic crew who puts geophones in place
miscible flood - pumping carbon dioxide into formation to mix with trapped oil
monkeyboard - derrickman's working position
nipple chaser - man tho delivers tools and equipment
pay zone - reservoir, rock where oil and gas found
protension recompletion
sandfrac - injection of jellied oil and graded sand into formation
shut-in bottomhole pressure - pressure at bottom of well
stabbing board - temporary platform
TOA - time of accident
tour - (pronounced "tower") 8-hour shift or 12-hour shift
weep hole
weevil - green hand
worm - new, inexperienced worker

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