December 30, 2005
peak gold

If I'd been blogging this summer and fall, I'd have been boring my few, gentle readers with a lot of claptrap about peak oil. Or non-claptrap, as the case may be.

The story in today's Times about gold-mining in Nevada, though, makes me think about all the other peaks that we may have already passed. Like gold. "Goldstrike, meantime, may have only 10 years left, Barrick says, and most of the state's 20 or so other major mines are not expected to last much longer." What do we do when we can't bring more gold out of the ground? Or Coltan? Or some more obscure metal or mineral? We stop wearing jewelry, yes, over our dead bodies, but I'm thinking more industrial. Invest in middens, in trash heaps, in slag.

Posted by dbrown at December 30, 2005 09:12 AM
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