May 10, 2006
what I believe

I'm watching Neil Young's odd little 8mm movie Greendale, after his concept album-rock opera of the same name. And I'm reading digby's blog. There's a lot of back-patting going on these days in blogworld, stickin' it to the Man and to Richard Cohen and if the two of them look the same a lot of the days, well maybe that's just a coincidence.

The back-patting is honest and deserved, pretty much, and has been for a few years. Digby, Gilliard, Marshall, Greenwald, Jane and Reddhead, there is poetry and insight and action and inspiration amongst the dems and libs and terrorist-sympathizers, which the wingers used to call nigger-lovers.

But what I was wondering, hoping, while watching and thinking this weird Neil Young thing -- where are the bloggers who dive into and pull apart and think about and write prosepoems about real life, about this crazy fucked up world. (Neil Young: ""How can all those people / Afford so many things?")

Kunstler does it in a very specific, top-down, bombastic way. And all the famous self-bio-bloggers, Dooce and Greek Tragedy and what have you, well that's diary-memoir at a high level. I say there's something else, something missing. Something that literature and rock and various other things do well.

What I wish for is more George S. Trow and This American Life than any of the above. Didion. I wish Joan Didion did more blogging. And I wish she had a flickr, that's for sure.

Maybe it's out there already. Maybe I'm not seeing it.

Posted by dbrown at May 10, 2006 11:04 PM
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