December 04, 2006
well built insurgents


ebay seller medic23(sacair) is selling off his models; he says he's been deployed to Afghanistan. Item 130054056438: "You are Bidding on Built Iraqi insurgents, one has been shot in the chest by a shotgun and the other has been captured and shows that he had been thrown in the mud. These guys also come with 2 RPG's, a Sniper Rifle, a bag of Ak-47 magazines, a single ak-47 magazine, and not picture an Ak-47 with an OD sling. these would make a great addition to any OIF diorama these figures are well built but not Professionally built, however i built this little dude with the best of my ability and he turned out pretty good."

Posted by dbrown at December 04, 2006 11:28 PM
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