July 31, 2002
Your Art is Pure Form, Jackson!

Maurizio Catellan as Picasso, parading in front of MOMA's Pollock show, 1998, New York City. Artist: "For once the public improved a piece by misunderstanding it!"

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Take That Nick at Nite...

"The Rerun Show" revisits classic TV moments when a talented ensemble cast reinacts episodes of some of America’s favorite TV shows with a contemporary comic twist.

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Like Mike

Now we know who the King of Hands on a Hardbody competitions is, thanks to this excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal. "Early on, he hit on a signature gimmick: sunglasses that he kept on day and night. That so spooked one contestant that she ran from the car screaming that Mr. Root was an alien."

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July 30, 2002
This is supposed to be good news

Vox Day, slicked-back-mohawk-stylin' street kid of christ drops some science on why so many people hate the jews. "I became a Christian and began to twig to the spiritual element behind this human need to destroy.... it ultimately traces back to the fact that this world is ruled by a supernatural serial killer..." Dude.

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Scribes for hire: Beware

Either their fingernails were ripped out, or the fatty pads on their fingers were cut away from the bone. Either way, the king was silenced.

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Stranger Than Fiction Dept.

Get in line, boys.

Now you can get a grant to reward your misunderstood creativity. Only anti-social weirdos need apply. Like I said, get in line.

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Gore Got More!

"I was told if I voted for Gore, the economy would be a mess. It's true. I voted for Gore and the economy is a mess." --Paul Begala, host of CNN's Crossfire

which reminds me for some reason of this joke-via-Richard-Prince-painting: "My psychiatrist told me to tell him everything. Now he does my act."

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Oru Bhagya Pareekshanom!

Tem qualquer um observado o que o inferno está indo sobre sobre em "ferramentas da busca língua de Google" da?

Eu verifiqueio para fora porque eu necessitei uma tradução rotineira do inglês em Portugese, e fêz que agradàvel, mas naturalmente, Google não para em Portugese. Certo, cobre todas as batidas as mais grandes, Basque, sueco, Urdu, chinês, mas o webworld é distante mais largo do que aquele. O esperanto e o interlingua são representados, como são línguas que eu nunca me ouvi de: Tigrinya, Kannada, Marathi.

Começa rápido real estranho real, embora, uma vez que você domina Tigrinya. Você pode pôr Google para trabalhar em Klingon, HaX0r, porco latin e para nivelar algo Bork chamado, bork, bork! -- o meaning de que frightens e escapa de me. E embora o discurso de Elmer Fudd está em alguma pergunta, dado a interpretação pejorative de seu impediment do discurso, seu tipo é bem-vindo aqui.

Há uma exceção, uma coisa que são faltar ido, mas que é bonito coberto muito em outra parte.

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July 29, 2002
Real Estate Opportunity

I have seen my ideal future, and it involves buying this Neutra house. This spells danger for the saturation.org endowment.

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Dept. of Absurd Is Not Necessarily Sublime

"In-Store Polynesian Dancers to Push New Perfume"

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Align your digital chakras

Paging Kevin Slavin. Video games are good for you.

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le grand saut...

"The goal: to free fall from 40,000 meters/25 miles with a stratospheric suit and equipment, advancing science and rescue techniques and setting FOUR world records."

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It's a bird. It's a plane. No - it's Vicente Fox.

In Mexico, where television and radio stations cannot always reach the rural poor, comic books inform as much as they entertain.

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July 28, 2002
NYC Blog Chart

In case you were wondering where you stood in the New York City blogworld.

What stop? I leave it to you guys. What stop.

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NYC Org Chart

In case you were wondering where you stood in the New York City food chain

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Tactical advice from the Unabomber

Hit 'Em Where It Hurts, eh, Ted?

The man still hasn't found an editor yet, but it's interesting to peer into the mind of a man who has traveled down a path of thinking regarding society and remained there, convinced that we are all going to hell in a techno-industrially constructed handbasket. His writing starts from there and continues with martial arts style aphorisms and examples, some of which follow a kind of crude logic which seems to make sense, assuming you carry the same paranoid views about the techno-industrial complex.

But I wonder if prison has mellowed him a bit:

"To work effectively toward the elimination of the
techno-industrial system, revolutionaries must attack the system at points at which it cannot afford to give ground. They must attack the vital organs of the system. Of course, when I use the word 'attack,' I am not referring to physical attack but only to legal forms of protest and resistance."

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July 27, 2002
Questions Never Asked but Answered Anyway Dept.

I myself never really wondered about those weird infinity/figure-8 things that appear on high-quality maps. But now I don't have to, I know what an analemma is, though not how to use it. Yet.

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I'll Show You the Perfect Store

Can we talk about Google's Catalog Search? This is either the end of the world, or the beginning of it. Paging Nicholson Baker, they seem to be digitizing mail-order catalogs en masse, and running optical character recognition over them.

The result is that you can type in any word and it will find it on printed pages from all over the world, and then highlight those words on facsimiles of those pages. It's a global database in print form. If you think about this, the world becomes a little more exciting. And if you think about it a little further, and realize that all the printed pages in the database are fucking direct mail, the world becomes a little more familiar again.

Seriously, try it, enter any word you can think of. I tried vespa and meinhof and like that with predictable results. And I couldn't resist this. There was, though, one word I entered that seemed to test the limits of optical character recognition, it's that damn "rn" ligature. I wasn't looking for pom-poms, is all I'm saying.

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July 26, 2002
the perfect store

I won't speculate on why David Gelertner seems so grumpy, but his review of Adam Cohen's capable (not done with it yet) hagiography of ebay is... well, it sucks. The book is bad, apparently, because it doesn't give credence (credit?) to Gelertner's own theory of the Future of the Internet. eBay has the last laugh: "0 items found for gelertner."

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It was something that first came up over a decade ago as the comparisons between the human brain and the hard drive became popular, namely the difference between memory and storage.

Memory is just like storage, except that it's not binary, it degrades over time, and this is, in general, merciful. Storage, by contrast, is forever (theory only, viz. Nicholson Baker). If we confuse one for the other we lose a certain sensuous aspect of living. The part that has something to do with forgetting.

This has new implications, however, now that we all have access to google -- and then also vice versa. Because it caches pages, it doesn't matter if you rip them down -- or even if the high court orders them ripped down. It's cache. It's not a snapshot of all the information out there, it's an archive of all the information that ever was, and that's not memory at all. Maybe it's even the opposite of memory.

All of this is danced on and around in today's New York Times, which brings up an interesting new idea about the whole thing: that there's something sort of, you know, unpatriotic, about a public permanent record: "It is becoming more difficult to keep one's past hidden, or even to reinvent oneself in the American tradition."

It gets more interesting when they bring in David Brin, who wrote "The Transparent Society." The sense of privacy being violated here is related to -- says Brin -- "the anonymity of urban life [which] will be seen as a temporary and rather weird thing."

So if you solve for P and Q, this anonymity of urban life is somehow inseparable from the American dream of re-invention. This may not be news, except that somehow, it is today.

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anti-media virus

Rushkoff steps up to say I told you so. "And just like the gambler who trades in his coloured plastic disks for real cash, AOL's Steve Case understood that his run was over and that it was time to trade in his stock certificates for those of a company that had genuine assets."

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Requisite "Million Ways to Die" post of the day

Oh, the Irony...

Girl Killed by Television

The argument for flat screens, I guess.

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July 25, 2002
Is That Shit Legal?

Proof of Ted Williams's wishes. My question: Whose handwriting? Rich people are weird.

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Like Plato's Cave, but different

What can you learn just by looking at shadows or traces? Plenty, but don't expect it to be accurate. For example, what can a data entry worker in Accra learn from NYC Dept. of Sanitation tickets? "[T]he city is sparkling clean. Why else would people be given tickets for not cleaning up after their dogs? "I know that New York is beautiful: the streets, the flowers, and the people too," said Susuana Okine, 26, whose only ties to the city are the maps she consults daily at work. "I can also testify that it must smell better than Accra."

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There are worse ways to die, I guess

Kiss of Death

Disturbing that they don't tell us which company it he worked and died for..I'm assuming it's Hershey's.

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July 24, 2002
Tufte Ages and Goes Mad

Mister Tufte: "The plaque aboard the Pioneer spacecraft for extraterrestrial scrutiny billions of years from now might have escaped from its conspicuously anthropocentric gestures by showing instead the universally familiar Amazing Levitation Trick."

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Mmm, cloudscratcher, I love you.

Skyscraper or Wolkenkranzer, 'Cloudscratcher', parts of the world. Sort by pinnacle. By year. Pull out and you can see one firm's work, or any other. Or a man, a man's work. If it's ever really one man.

It's the grid of grids, and it fucking spooks me for this reason. Sorting the world by the infinite grid. Seeing the world by it. Building it out of pixels, pixel brasilia, but component form, like any dream. Like every dream too, they end, and sorting by 'destroyed' yields a broken and mad cross-section. Cross-section, scanning the rings of a sawed-up tree. In reverse.

Romans extended the grid everywhere they conquered, to suggest the forever extension of empire and so what do we suggest with it now, I wonder. Yes.

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Number One

Pictures being worth a thousand and etc, and action speaking louder than and then Action Comics, sum total, number one, number one.

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a few (mouse) clicks outside danang

The U.S. Army has developed a highly realistic and innovative PC video game that puts you inside an Army unit. You’ll face your first tour of duty along with your fellow Soldiers. Gain experience as a Soldier in the U.S. Army, without ever leaving your desk.

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If you like the Osbornes...

The ABC Family Channel proffers this chance to turn your family's life into a sitcom. Or, to quote their particular punctuation, "We are conducting a nationwide talent search to find a REAL FAMILY to STAR AS THEMSELVES in a TV SITCOM based on THEIR REAL LIFE." Warning: convicted felons (or those conviced of crimes of moral turpitude) and candidates for public office are not eligible.

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Linux by any other name: Yangfan

The global OS jockeying takes a soft left, as China begins working on its own Windows-rival. Which, the New Scientist reports, will bear a pretty close resemblance to linux. But it's open source so it's not copying, dig? And anyway, if two wrongs make a right, then a copy of a copy should turn into something entirely new.

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Mega Meta

Because if there's content, and then blogs of content, then what the hell do you call this, except inevitable?

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July 23, 2002
Save the Date

Darko. Paging Donnie Darko. A preliminary orbit suggests that 2002 NT7 is on an mpact course with Earth on 1 February 2019, although the uncertainties are large. That's the thing about uncertainties, isn't it?

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No Comment Dept.

Q310510: Recommended Update
Download size: 220 KB, < 1 minute
This update resolves the "Playback and Copy-Protection Issues When You Try to Play the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD Movie" issue in Windows XP and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q310510.

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Just Think It

Duh, but the thing about the web is if you can think of it, it's probably (or suddenly?) already there. Case in point, the Mike Blur Archive of Punk Rock Flyers. Three hundred and seventy five xeroxed talismans of the golden age. Warning: Intense pop-up ad action, thanks to fortunecity. Win up to $25,000!

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Except That There Are More Muslim Fundamentalists Than Undead

"A freighter carrying fertilizer enters a port and docks. In fact, the freighter has mixed the fertilizer with a catalyst to create a massive explosion that also disseminates a large amount of radiological and/or biological agent. Response focuses on the damage done by the resulting explosion. The scattering of a radiological or biological weapon over the area is only detected days later."

Sounds awful, right? It's a lot more fun when you put in pop TV terms, as the Center for Strategic and International Studies has done here, with their laugh-a-minute white paper, "Biological Warfare and the Buffy Paradigm"

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Have You Ever Been Experienced?

or: Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

Whatever you do, you can make great money selling your own insider experiences on iMar.

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July 22, 2002
Finally, the World Catches Up

I always thought that insurgent groups' use of Kalashnikovs made the United States look kind of bad. If we can't export weapons, what else -- besides movies -- are we ever going to sell abroad?

Thank god the world now recognizes the true value of the U.S. made M-16. According to the article, it's about one bag of flour.

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Things Find Uses For The Street

I was going to write about Homies, those lovable, thuggable, figurines found in gumball machines in Sheepshead Bay and other ethnic-white enclaves of New York. Gumball machines and, oh yeah, blister packs also.

It's just that I couldn't figure out how I feel about them, even with a few of them in my bag at this very moment. But then I found about about Ghetto Kids, which doesn't help. Or, to be clear: which doesn't help me. It doesn't help me. East L.A. Lupe doesn't help me. Her valuable lessons on violence don't help me any more than the Smurfs ever did. But N.Y. Sammy, on the other hand.

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My Blue Heaven

Great news! The second coming has arrived. Finally. As the New York Times reports, consensus is that he's the Rev. Moon. ""Jesus hailed Mr. Moon as the Messiah, proclaiming, "You are the Second Coming who inaugurated the Completed Testament Age." Muhammad then led everyone in three cheers of victory. "

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July 21, 2002
A little Jesus and a lot of fried chicken

What you might call Texas noir.
Last meals. Last words.

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July 19, 2002
It turns out you can neither run nor hide.

The man really is watching your every move. To wit: if you ever marched the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Or thought you saw a UFO.

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July 18, 2002
Excerpt, unaltered, from New York Scooter Listserv

greetings to all. i'm officially back from barcelona, though my
luggage apparently decided to spend one more night in paris (those
bastards at air france can kiss my big fat francophobic ass right
about now). hopefully it will bring me back something nice if and
when it does arrive.

the conference was quite intense - lots of info, lots of protest and
some preliminary vaccine trial data that's been a long time coming.
but overall of course a bit depressingtalked to a woman activist
who's been living positive in zimbabwe for 15 years now and she told
me that though the official prevalence is reported at 38% of the
population she thinks it's more like 55-50%.

as far as the scooter situation in the beautiful city of barcelona, i
must say i was a bit let down. lots more new, plastic, ugly stuff
than i expected. and very few vintage models, many of which were
really on their last breath. never did pull it together to try to
rent one, though, which is probably all for the best in terms of my
own well being.

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July 16, 2002
Soaring like an Eagle

Six weeks old already, but this roundup on John Ashcroft gets into good if not yet impeachable detail on his own little problems with the separation between church and state, and other foibles. E.g,. "Missouri state Sen. Harry Wiggins, for one, recalls a meeting with Ashcroft and a group of Kansas City community leaders when he was governor. The group had tried for months to see the governor about funding to keep open Kansas City's only hospice for AIDS patients. As the meeting began, Wiggins recalled, Ashcroft appeared uninterested until he focused on the facility being a ``home,'' not a hospital. "Then you have my attention,'' the governor said, according to Wiggins. "I'm looking for where it is cheapest to send them to die.''

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July 15, 2002
Silent Service

I never knew the stories of the Gnat and the Bull, The Lamp, or the Moving Mind, and I'm not sure now that I'll ever remember them, but I could watch these little movies forever.

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Dear Friends

not new, but new to me. David Dietcher's stunning compilation of early photographs of American men together -- collected to best effect in the book Dear Friends -- has a smaller online exhibition, too. His curiosity ranges from the idea of comradeship to Whitman to phrenology to what they used to call queer theory.

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Dept. of The Street Finds Uses, July 15

I'm not sure what it is that Machinima reminds me of, except any time anyone ever mis-used basic tools to say anything that the tools were never meant to say.

So if you're not familiar with Machinima already, the Machinima Film Festival 2002 is a great place to start. If Texas is a great place to do anything, it's a great place to see this stuff.

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The Future and How We Pay For It

In particular, viewers' ability to skip advertisements is causing an explosion in product placement. "The future is in the past," Game Show Network president and CEO Rich Cronin said. "We believe that the future is 'The Truman Show.' "

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July 12, 2002

will it stick? Turns out Bush okayed a proto-Enron book-cooking deal. Via LA Times. Not to be confused with his insider trading. Or his unsecured low-interest loan to prop up his company's stock.

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the money tree

Politix (Bush Watch) has made an infographic showing the money flows into GWBush's wallet. Interesting, but not a good graphic. Anyone want to take a better stab at it? Missing, for instance, is motivation, as well as quantity, and some graphic representation of dubious legality.

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July 11, 2002
The jokey, barbed headlines in 4000 pt type finally were too much

Arab-American vendors boycott New York Post

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Utterly disgusting: below-the-radar media campaigns

Salon front page story on celebrities who go on Montel but are really walking pitchpeople for pharmaceutical companies. What empty, soulless people...

Now we need awareness campaigns for awareness campaigns.

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July 10, 2002
Ender's Game

The distance to Orson Scott Card's science fiction is getting closer and closer...

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Goddamn I love New Orleans!

If you didn't read this link from MetaFilter, and you love food, this is a great story.

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We shred real good. Ask Dick!

Cheney shills for Andersen. I give him less than a year.

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July 09, 2002

I don't even know how to describe this guide to sign language from gapingmaw. Shit's funny. And nasty. Laugh out loud nasty. Scroll down to the animated gif in the dating section. man. stay away from rotten.com, though. trust me.

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Watermark Longbeach

Orange County, China-style! "The developers of China's Orange County boast that their project is the first Chinese community entirely master-planned and designed by Americans, using mostly American products. It's also, perhaps, the first development to so blatantly market itself as American--and therefore superior to what's dreamed up locally." ... "The project's second phase is to be completed by August 2003. It's a collection of mansions in Spanish, Italian and French styles. The Wenyu River runs nearby. It's the real luxury stuff. To stir the imagination, the developer has gone back to America for a name. Watermark Longbeach."

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Silent Owner

Composer/producer Mike Batt put a moment of silence at the end of a CD, and John Cage's estate wants royalties. "When Batt told his mother, he says her reply was, 'Which part of the silence are they claiming you nicked?'"

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July 08, 2002
skate or die

How do the kids do it? Science, of course. The exploratorium digs into the science of skateboarding, including a groovy explication of the ollie.

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place your bets

A slashdotter has laid down some odds. Care to add some not-so-long wagers?

Slashdot Wagering Board Update: @# +1 ; Innovative (Score:-1, Offtopic)

Slashdot Out Of Busines By Dec. 2002 3-1
Dick Cheney Flees To France For Asylum 10-1
Cheney Indicted For Corporate Fraud 4-1
W Indicted For Corporate Fraud 20-1
W Claims Haliburton Fraud Exempt From SEC 2-1
W Switches To Democratic Party 1-2
W Resigns From Office by June 2002 1-5

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Steganography for the People

The good folks at Cult of the Dead Cow are readyin a browser capable of easy steganography. "There are four windows, one which renders the page normally and one with a list of image files which can be selected for decryption. When one is selected, the text appears in the main window without further intervention. Other windows allow content to be inserted into image files which the user may post, and there is a format conversion tool as well. Entire Web pages can easily be concealed within an image file."

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July 03, 2002
For all you Wisconsin lovers. And I know you're out there.

"Wisconsin, like every other place, is distinctive yet connected. A source of and repository for, rich cultural traditions. A center of the world." And, the man is writing a book on the Polka. God bless him.

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I am simply jealous

Already hundreds strong, the 5.25" disk sleeve archive needs your help. Unearth those massive floppy sleeves and scan 'em in. They seem a little skimpy on the Dysan and are completely missing Franklin. Damn, I wish I was in San Mateo...

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Propoganda from the Office of Homeland Security

Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!

Posted by tmonkey at 10:38 AM
Mainframe Mafia

The Dark Side of the Wired World...

The Technology Secrets of Cocaine Inc.

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July 02, 2002
What We'll Be Watching

The experts weigh on on what everyone will be watching this fall.

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Look! A Train Wreck!

The first fallout from a Vanity Fair piece on Ovitz's fall:
"It was the goal of these people [the "gay mafia"] to eliminate me," Ovitz told Burrough.
"You're not serious," Vivendi Universal Entertainment CEO Barry Diller told Burrough. "Wow. He said that on the record? Wow ... Wow. I'm stunned. I'm stunned."
"It's as if he has no self-knowledge, no realization about the last six years. The gay mafia? It's remarkable," said the head of a major agency.

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July 01, 2002
Free Association

Investigate the cultural associations of your favorite numbers.

This is from memepool, but I wanted to make sure nobody missed it.

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