November 27, 2002

"The world is a funny place. has hundreds of the short tales we all love to tell each other around the water fountain, or read in Reader's Digest. The stories are arranged in categories, allowing visitors to search for specific tales about specific subjects created by specific people. The quality of the material is, with rare exception, really great. The best way to surf the site is to randomly pick categories and just browse."

From Netsurfer Digest.

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November 25, 2002
Dear America, from Osama

In which the world's most wanted man goes off on American hypocrisy, Ben Franklin, Bill Clinton, Palestine, and whither goeth our taxpayer money.

Reminds me of The Unabomber Manifesto.

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overheard at jfk, gay uncle type in the bathroom with a 10-year-old charge:
"Did your mom give you some treats for the plane?"
[noncomittal grunt]
"So you're okay on treatage?"

also: man, california is beautiful and warm

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November 24, 2002

On the topic of extremely cool things that are available for free:

BMW hired a group of top directors to make a series of short films that are meant to be ads for the Z4 Roadster. You can download them (different formats, up to DVD quality) or watch them online.

The directors have included John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate, Reindeer Games), Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch), John Woo (Hard Boiled, Bullet in the Head, The Killer, Face/Off), and Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance).

This is the most recent film, Beat the Devil:

"Decades ago, the legendary James Brown sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Now he wishes to renegotiate. Hired to take Mr. Brown to a rendezvous with the devil (Gary Oldman), the driver soon finds himself entangled in fiendish plans. Tony Scott directs [actor/stunt driver] Clive Owen in a satirical duel between good and evil."

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November 23, 2002

As in, this shit is. If you don't have Flash, your loss. The first time Flash has really been mined deeply and successfully and compellingly in my book. (If you know me, I'm quite stingy on praise for Flash work in general, but these Glaswegans are not bordering on genius, they're the frickin INS.)

Video Game Guide: Hilarious. Brilliant.
Happiness: strangely effective poster
Eyes Wide Shut: pretty much summed up the movie in like 100k
Little Red Riding Hood: Moody, raw, excellent like that Radiohead video (you know, the one from OK Computer, all animated video)

I could go on but I won't.

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I read Nerve for the articles. No, really!

Uh, see?

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November 22, 2002
All the difference in the world

front-page headline in Phi Beta Kappa's Fall 2002 "Key Reporter": "Russians Introduce Liberal Arts." No wonder, and about fucking time.

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Hu's on first?

That's what I want to know.

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farewell samantha

The most moving paragraph in today's Times, maybe this month's Times: "Samantha, the largest captive snake in the world, who for a decade dazzled a million visitors a year, died at her home in the Bronx Zoo yesterday. She was old." Reminds me of the best eulogy ever, delivered for L.H. Oswald. I'll leave it to youse to dredge that up.

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November 21, 2002
Incept date: Nov 2002

Craig Venter (Celera) and Hamilton O. Smith, a Nobel laureate, to create a single-celled, partially man-made organism.


"To ensure safety, Smith and Venter said the cell will be deliberately hobbled to render it incapable of infecting people; it also will be strictly confined, and designed to die if it does manage to escape into the environment."

Uh, right.

"The project will begin with M. genitalium, a minuscule organism that lives in the genital tracts of people and may cause or contribute to some cases of urethritis, an inflammation of the urethra."

Holy Jeezus.

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the rainforest of entertainment

george lucas is guilty. he is guilty of treating his employees like crap, he is a literary pirate, and his thievery and deception of his ideas goes without consequences as well. Lucas from my standpoint is also guilty of calling himself a creative; his last two movies were so terrible, that he should be ashamed to lead the forefront of the "creative industry" when he himself lacks creativity. Last point is that the entertainment business has no right to be compared to "the rainforest" when the entire industry is owned by a mere 3-5 major corporations.

"I am begging for co-operation. There are unintended consequences of piracy. If piracy is not stopped, the rainforest of the entertainment business ecosystem will collapse. I am pleading for the creative people in this industry," lucas said.

keep begging georgy lucas.

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Mappers get their due. I mean day.

"From Albania to Zimbabwe, from the southern tip of Chile to the frozen shores of Iceland, GIS Day events will be taking place all around the world." Sadly, their day was yesterday and I missed it.
Don't miss the story and winning maps from Accident Elementary School.

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oh that wacky Shostakovich

"The nose was represented as a phallus, a main character was a transvestite and half the chorus were depicted as Islamic terrorists led by a high-heeled, gun-toting Bin Laden." I guess even Berliners aren't edgy enough to be amused by "terrorists hamming it up with, among other characters, a bunch of New York firemen and Yasser Arafat."

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Material Girl Forced to Beg for $2?

What's up with celebrity-dom? First Winona, now this? I mean, Hubby Guy was with her, and what, he doesn't carry around a lousy pound either? I guess they're feelin' it after Swept Away.

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Huey Lewis, I rebuke you.

Invocation For Judgement Against And Destruction of Rock Music (3 MB MP3). Excerpt from a 1980s audio recording of the Church Universal and Triumphant (you know, Claire Prophet, the Montana ranch, the Apocalypse that never came, etc.) via the demonic

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Timeline of interfaces

Apple's interface genius really shows up early and often. But we knew that it would. Courtesy Robotwisdom.

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slutty with it

The new Vice is out and online; I was going to link to their in-depth reviews of 80s records -- best of the decade, My War -- but they don't seem to be up. So instead maybe you'll enjoy Vice's Guide to Finding Yourself. Read them and weep.

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Thinking "outside the box" for homeless

I want to live on a cruiseship too!

Faced with the worst homeless crisis in New York's history, officials are considering whether cruise ships tied up at city docks could be used as temporary housing.

A spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said two officials were visiting Bermuda on Wednesday to examine some retired cruise ships as authorities sought ways to house a record 37,000 people who sleep in city-run shelters every night.

"We are thinking outside of the box," a spokesman for Bloomberg said. "We have to consider all the options."

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"SequoiaView is a [freeware] disk browsing tool based on the principle of treemaps, with one unique feature added, namely Cushion Treemaps, invented by Jack van Wijk. The principle is simple: each time a rectangle is subdivided, ridges are added. The result is a pattern of hierarchical cushions that show the structure in the directories and files. The user can set the height of the ridges as well as using lower ridges for deeper nested levels, offering a choice between displaying global information (high level directories) or detailed info such as individual files. The user can also choose between the original cushions and the squarified cushions."

"Files and directories can be selected, inspected and opened, but can not be modified directly. Users can define different color schemes to facilitate identification of certain file types or load a ready-made color scheme from disk. Files can be filtered on name, size as well as creation, modification or last access date or any combination of these."

"SequoiaView was developed based on research done by the Visualization Section of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven."

"Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts...A graphical representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the non-space of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding..." --William Gibson, Neuromancer, 1984

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7-11 911

So let me get this straight; the greatest concern over this is that officers are "worried they will get stuck driving around with a really embarrassing ad"?

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November 20, 2002
Give us this day our daily breadsticks

Domino's founder plans to build a college town in Florida to "get as many people to heaven as possible."

The Sunshine State is truly the seat of American kookiness.

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not exactly the love boat

is it just me, or does this idea have "up there with the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire disaster" written all over it?

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Doomed to Fail

This hi-tech plot by two Columbia students to cheat on the GREs (!) reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where George's new girlfriend requests he take an IQ test, whereupon he takes it in her locked bedroom, hands the test out the window to Elaine, who then goes and takes it for him, etc. etc.

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kitty suicide

After one too many stir fries flavored only by soy sauce, I sort of went off the stuff. Kikoman, I'm back. Is this worth the upload time? Oh my god, yes.

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File under: No, really!

I know this is old news now but I love the Herald Sun's headline: Herald Sun: Merger could warp universe [21nov02].

That and the fact that "The consequent gravitational ripples could cause minute changes in the distance between any two points in the universe."

Whoa. Now that's news.

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November 19, 2002
Ben Franklin, America's first Blogger?

OK, I admit it, I watched the cheeseball PBS/Burns special on Ben Franklin tonight, and it struck me that, among other accomplishments such as discovering the gulf stream across the Atlantic, electricity, and daylight savings time, the forum he organized early on in his career in Philadelphia called The Junto, sounds very much like hallowed halls of

Oh, and the set of questions put to the members at each meeting is rather helpful...

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Mr. Moore Aghast

So here we have the equivalent of nuclear disarmament as the head of AMD, Hector Ruiz, admits that Moore's law doesn't necessarily benefit the consumer. Intel says "Nyah Nyah! You just can't keep up!" and blisters ahead. Then AMD goes ahead and touts its new 64-bit processor for desktops by running a demo of Unreal Tournament 2003, thereby negating Ruiz's initial statement, verifying what we knew all along: that gamers need speed.

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it is difficult for stories about michael jackson to shock anymore, but today's screamer -- Jackson dangles baby off balcony -- includes this soul-wrenching detail: "[Jackson's] close friend Uri Geller..." wtf?

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Ever wonder what would happen if...?

Two AI bots had a conversation?

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So, what would Jesus drive? Probably not an S.U.V. (Satan's Ultimate Vehicle).

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You snooze, You lose.

Snoring causes brain damage.

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high sierra radness

this guide to steep chutes and couloirs in the eastern sierra may appeal to some for the fluidity of jargon; to others for the word bergschrund. Me, it a) reminds me why the West is different than the East and b) scares the shit out of me. 50° slopes? fuck that. E.g., "Mt Williamson 14,375' North Couloir. This is a 45°+ 1600' line that is rarely considered, let alone skied. It is remote and desperate with the most scenic setting imagineable. Nice soft snow and an azure sky will always make this alot less scary."

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Who's next in Afghanistan, Willie Aames?

Muhammad Ali is in Afghanistan.
It is time for me to go to sleep soon, but I have found something quite disturbing online. you need to view the entireslide show.

Willie Aames played Charles' best friend on Charles in Charge. But you knew that.

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new trend: purchasing nail clippings

The staff of Britain's embattled royals fueled a trade in memorabilia, offering everything from the late Princess Diana's fingernail clippings to royal letters, tabloid newspapers said Sunday.

you heard it here, second

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"Black History Makers of Tomorrow" is TAKEN

The following trademarks used herein are owned by the McDonald's Corporation and its affiliates:

1-800-MC1-STCK, Always Quality. Always Fun., America’s Favorite Fries, Arch Deluxe, Aroma Café, Automac, Big Mac, Big N’ Tasty, Big Xtra!, Birdie, the Early Bird and Design, Black History Makers of tomorrow, Bolshoi Mac, Boston Market, Cajita Feliz, Changing The Face of The World, Chicken McGrill, Chicken McNuggets, Chipolte Mexican Grill, Cuarto De Libra, Did Somebody Say , Donatos Pizza, emac digital, Egg McMuffin, Extra Value Meal, Filet-O-Fish, French Fry Box Design, Gep Op Mac, Golden Arches, Golden Arches Logo, Good Jobs For Good People, Good Times. Great Taste., Gospelfest, Great Breaks, Grimace and Design, Groenteburger, HACER, Hamburglar and Design, Hamburger University, Happy Meal, Happy Meal Box Design, Have You Had Your Break Today?, Healthy Growing Up, Helping Hands Logo, Hey, It Could Happen!, Iam Hungry and Design, Immunize for Healthy Lives, Kiwiburger, Lifting Kids To A Better Tomorrow, Mac Attack, Mac Jr., Mac Tonight and Design, McDonald’s Racing Team Design, Made For You, McBaby, McBacon, McBurger, McBus, McCafe, McChicken, McDia Feliz, MCDirect Shares, McDonaldland, McDonald’s , McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Game, McDonald’s All American High School Jazz Bank, McDonald’s All Star Racing Team, McDonald’s Building Design, McDonald’s Earth Effort, McDonald’s Earth Effort Logo, McDonald’s Express, McDonald’s Express Logo, McDonald’s Is Your Kind of Place, McDonald’s Means Opportunity, McDouble, McDrive, McExpress, McFamily, McFlurry, McFranchise, McGrilled Chicken, McHappy Day, McHero, McJobs, McKids, McKids Logo, McKroket, McMaco, McMemories, McMenu, McMusic, McNifica, McNuggets, McNuggets Kip, McOz, McPlane, McPollo, McPrep, McRecycle USA, McRib, McRoyal, McScholar, McScholar of the Year, McSwing, McWorld, Mighty Wings, Millennium Dreamers, Morning Mac, Quarter Pounder, RMHC, Ronald McDonald and Design, Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities Logo, Ronald McDonald House Logo, Ronald Scholars, Sausage McMuffin, Single Arch Logo, Speedee Logo, Super Size, Teriyaki McBurger, The House That Love Built, The House That Love Built Design, twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesoniononasesameseedbun, Vegi Mac, We Love to See You Smile, What’s On Your Place, When the U.S. Wins You Win, World Famous Fries, You Deserve a Break Today,

I encourage you all to scour this, there are, as always, diamonds amongst the coal. And "emac digital": can we talk about that?

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November 18, 2002

Not to outshine the nudist model railroad hobbyist group on yahoo, but here's the latest post from the objectum sexuality group. There's an awful lot to say and think about with this stuff, but I just had to post this, it's such a good introduction, and speaks for itself.

From: frozen_wire
Date: Tue Oct 29, 2002 9:56 pm
Subject: 'objectum-bi-curious'...

...i suppose would be a good word to describe me. before tonight i
didn't know there was such a thing as objectum sexuality, or rather -
i had never thought of the possibility, and therefore hadn't either
denied, nor put a label on it.

as i normally don't like putting people and their sexualities in
different compartiments, though, it makes absolute sense now that of
course some of us humas are more drawn to the spirits in objects,
rather than the ones in bodies. and why not?

as for me, i am in a long-term relationship with a man, and have no
intentions of getting involved with an object. however, i have had
thoughts (and most of all nightly dreams) about 'experimenting' with
buildings, mountains or trees, in the same way as quite a few girls
my age have thought about 'getting it on with a girlfriend' or having
a threesome. i haven't told anyone about it until today, though, not
so much from fear of seeming abnormal, but because it's not exactly a
subject that comes up in conversation a lot :)

one dream i had three or four times during a five-year period was
that i was deeply i love with (and physically attracted by) a
mountain by the sea, and tried desperately to win his heart as
another girl was also pursuing him. in the end he always carried us
both out into the sea, sliding straight through it. i always woke up
first hoping that it would be me, and then - as reality dawned on me
and i knew he was not there - feeling incredibly empty.

my favourite building (who seems to be even more an object of desire
than love) is the shiny white arch in paris. not the old one with the
unknown soldier, but the one in la defense, where it's all windy. on
quite a few occasions i've had erotic dreams about him. hm...

if possible, i would like to know more about YOU - the other members
of the group - and your feelings for objects. i got here from eija-
riittas webpage, so i know all about her remarkable love for the
berlin wall, but the rest? i am very curious, and will be thankful
for any replies :)

This is still a breaking story here on Saturation, so details are a little fuzzy. But do visit one of the many sites from Eija-Riitta Eklof Berliner-Mauer, the Swede who married the Berlin Wall and who may have uncovered a deep and frightening hole in the human sexual subconscious.

Evidently and unsurprisingly, she's also handy with a glue gun.

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"Keyhole fuses high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, elevation data, GPS coordinates, and overlay information about cities and businesses to deliver a streaming, 3D map of the entire globe.

The result is a whole new way of looking at your world - reach out and "grab" the earth with your mouse, pan quickly to your area of interest (or select it from a placemark) and then zoom smoothly down to an individual building. Watch as the city unfolds itself before your eyes, revealing new perspectives and fresh insights."

The movies alone are worth the price of admission (free), but if your system can handle it, I suggest trying the 14 day trial period (also free). The product itself is understandably pricey.

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This melted my geek meter

Escher paintings recreated with Legos.


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how high

Way back in the dizzay my college pals and I would come up with schemes for dope-friendly products. I don't remember any of the ones we can up with -- occupational hazard, you know -- but this felllow in Canton Ohio put idea into practice, only to incur the wrath of a zealot, 6 months later. Many nice details about the inefficacy of both antidrug programs and advertising.

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Taken Literally

Who could fail to be at least amused and at best delighted by the things that come out of our mouths when they are taken literally? You will, of course, have noticed that we speak about competetive situations as if they were wars. You may also have noticed that we speak as if dangerous beliefs were contagious. But did you notice that we speak of difficulties as if they were containers?

The good people at Berkeley are on the case.

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king of the news

quote of the day, or at least the other day, Jon Stewart, from ABC news's fawning report. re: cable news. "It's almost like having my own bank," he said, "because they've so destroyed the fine credibility or the fiber that was the trust between the people and what they're hearing on the air." / The 24-hour news cycle, Stewart says, has sacrificed fact to the "louder and brighter and faster" pulse of marketing, and of the corporate model. The fact-checker today, he says, "is just the one going, 'You know what I heard?'" / "That's what they should call CNN — 'You Know What I Heard?' I don't even know if they've got an acronym for that."

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soon to be a one man show at the dia center

Salaam Abid sits through long days waiting for clients to commission new studies of the man Mr. Abid has devoted his career to painting -- President Saddam Hussein.

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November 16, 2002
Target Market

Paul Virilio is a French philosopher who, if I remember, originally trained as an architect. He became increasingly interested in the architecture of fortification (e.g. Normandy) and from there grew to ponder the nature of fortification -- and war -- itself.

In a recent article by Ed Halter, he notes Virilio's argument that "the histories of warfare, optical sciences, and visual entertainments have long been interconnected through a common goal: the artificial extension of human sight" (emph. added) The extensions -- and the interconnectivity -- are growing in leaps and in bounds, and the distinctions between Hollywood and the Pentagon are not just blurry, they're broken.

Further, you've got .edu covering for .mil out at USC, in the innocuous-sounding Institute for Creative Technologies, which is where state education, the Department of Defense, and Big Hollywood merge and blend. There are very few cues from the website as to just what's going on there, take this for example, the description of their project ALTSIM:

Using rich, character-driven plots, the storyline uses entertainment industry knowledge and expertise to engender realistic emotional connections with the characters and people involved in the training simulation. These in turn allow the developers to focus the experience on unique educational goals that are difficult to address in other simulation environments.

None of which leads you to the fact that the unique educational goals are about keeping cool under enemy fire. To put things in the wide Virilio perspective, keep in mind that John Milius -- of Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn, 1941 &c. -- is one of the key creatives, working to make war increasingly accessible outside the sphere of its consequences. Virilio likens this to "the absurd image of a conversation between two answering machines, and sees this utopian ideal of absolute safety as a rationale for more extreme systems of control."

And in the meantime, America's Army is rated Teen and Grand Theft Auto is rated Mature. And further in the meantime, the concerns that the danger of games like GTA is that gamer-kids learn that their actions have no consequences.

Which is proof that the Army's game is either completely misguided or absolutely on target.

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November 15, 2002

I'm gonna pretend this is a different kind of blog and relate two things that happened at lunch today.
1. Woman at the main branch of the brooklyn public library, asks the librarian: "Do you have any books on telepathy, or intuition?"
2. I'm waiting for my Cuban at el jagua superio or whatever it's called and this guy walks in wearing a Bruce Vilanch shirt -- and he looks _just_ like Bruce Vilanch, but wasn't. This was frightening.

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let's see sonny bono copyright this

Mickey Mouse, waaaayy avant la lettre.

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Gross, but priceless.

The quotes below are complaints reported by clients of Room 111, a public health clinic in St. Paul that treats people for sexually transmitted diseases. Nurses at the clinic began creating the list two decades ago; it now includes several hundred comments.

You can find it here.

If it's no longer there, just search google for "My penis was exposed to LSD."

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map me again

via robotwisdom, this rundown of the latest EverQuest scandal (though a notch or three below suicide) -- packet sniffing to make an EQ map. Very, very nice, I think. See EQ maps here. Though I hope none of you (and you know who I'm talking about) get mixed up in this satanic business.

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November 14, 2002
turban cowboy

so i can't tell if this guy is really cool, really crazy or just really rich.

Posted by elia at 03:06 PM
November 13, 2002
must B tv

i dunno who runs the b-list actors guild, but give that dude a promotion and a raise.

Posted by elia at 04:54 PM
Study Question

Found on the web while looking for something else and posted here for no good reason:
Compare Barthesian jouissance [and its potential inscribed with the "Japan" of Empire of Signs] with the jouissance in Tetsuo the Iron Man.

There's a prize, I think, for the correct answer.

Posted by dbrown at 03:00 PM
Invitation to a, uh, beheading, er, so to speak

Putin's Babelfish apparently needs new batteries. (Thanks, Yuh.)

Posted by tmonkey at 11:40 AM
In Wildness is the Degustation of the World

I know it's overdue and from the Times, but I finally got around to reading Michael Pollan's ballsy argument for the morality of eating meat. Was anyone else sold? (I, for one, slept pretty well last night.)

OK, I'll be the first to admit I was predisposed to agree with the premise, though I had no inkling of how he'd back it up (the Botany of Desire factors greatly here). And the arguments that a vegetarian utopia would be equally (if not more) cruel to animals as well as humans are speculative at best, but they are food for thought at least.

Posted by tmonkey at 09:44 AM
November 12, 2002
i'm a merriam webster man myself

Article in the Times about the new and improved Shorter Oxford English Dictionary . Don't know if it's good press to admit you got a phrase from the show Friends, though:

"Asked for a personal favorite from the new phrases, Mr. Stevenson cited "go commando," which the dictionary says means to go out wearing no underwear. "We got it from the TV series 'Friends.'"

Posted by elia at 02:24 PM
ingenious multipurpose devices

After reading about the portable lie detector, i found this helpful gadget; the auto steering wheel table.

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you can't handle the truth

Now you can own discredited technology. Just $29.95, the portable lie detector prepare you so "when your daughter calls you on your cell phone to tell you she’s baby-sitting for a neighbor, you’ll know if she’s out with her friends beyond curfew. You can also ... check your own voice before an important interview."

Posted by dbrown at 12:28 PM

last night's lecture was devoted to celluloid decay, first that of dice, as chronicled by Ricky Jay and Rosamond Purcell, and then later by the more sensurround experience, Decasia, a film by Bill Morrison w/score by Michael Gordon/bang on a can. What is it about decay that fascinates us so? Oh, wait, I know, it's about death.

Posted by dbrown at 11:15 AM
November 11, 2002
making sense of the senseless: japanese soy sauce

If anyone can translate japanese, I think we ought to know what this is really about. I don't think this is an ad for soy sauce.

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Let's open a cannabis cafe

I ripped this down from google news, but thought I would share this information as if we did not know this already. enjoy-cary

Smoking pure marijuana is at least as harmful to lungs as smoking tobacco, a report from the British Lung Foundation concludes. And in some key ways, it may be more dangerous

'I'll still open my cannabis cafe'

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you can learn a lot from your television

so, i've been watching a lot of the oln channel lately. its field & stream and outdoor programming is great if you ever wondered what life was like in all those red states you saw after the 2000/2002 elections. nothing takes the edge off your edge like watching men shooting ducks, or going fishing, or just sitting around and talking about guns. i even saw this guy overcome the archer's paradox and shoot an aspirin in mid-air with an arrow. but the most interesting thing i noticed is how much these people want to conserve natural habitats so they can go out and kill the things that live in them. makes me think the best way to protect the arctic widlife preserve is to open it up to hunting.

Posted by elia at 11:32 AM
guantanamo baby blue

I'm not sure if this is illegal, or inhumane, but it sure isn't pretty. On the way to Guantanamo.

Posted by dbrown at 09:30 AM
November 10, 2002
have I got a ship for you

ebay item of the week, an advertisement for almost certain death, in hindsight at least. "Travel without Trouble."

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November 08, 2002
Send in the capitalist exploiters!

Jiang's rebranding of the Communist Party had some encouraging points, though the anecdote about the two women who were dragged off after they threw up hundreds of pamphlets in the air protesting something or other (we don't know because the guards picked up every single one before the public could get to them) highlights the Let 100 Flowers Bloom And Then Pluck 99 policy that will continue to govern any move towards capitalism in China. It is slightly refreshing to see a healthy dose of West-bashing, though I'm sure it was way more colorful in Mandarin. (In many ways, the Chinese language is perfectly suited for the requisite inflammatory propagandistic rhetoric of communism.)

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November 07, 2002
not that jacob

Will Time magazine, the house organ of jesusism, make a cover story out of the fact that the "jesus box" is a fake? My money's on no. An expert writes, "You have to be blind as a bat not to see that the second part is a fraud..." Blind as a bat our speciality.

Posted by dbrown at 12:34 PM
November 06, 2002
say cheese, then place any keys or change in the blue tray...

A year ago a Canadian artist named Isabelle Devos discovered that certain camera-toting tourists going through airport security after Sept. 11 were being asked, as she said, to take a photograph to prove that their camera was not a security risk.

Posted by elia at 05:24 PM
dark day

not encouraging words, but the best I've read today, from joe conason: "A party that will not criticize the incumbent president cannot defeat him, now or two years from now. A party that has nothing to say about unfair tax breaks, a vanishing surplus and a looted economy cannot expect anyone to listen when it asks for votes. A party without passion or vision is hardly a political party at all." But that doesn't mean vote for Nader.

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November 05, 2002
And a Flower Named for Eichmann

We must be running out of names for asteroids, because someone picked a pretty crappy one.

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Dept. of Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex

These are blurry days and nights. I can't tell anymore whether hollywood trivializes science, or whether hollywood feeds the military, or what does what to whom.

I can't sleep, I wake up and cry out: Val Kilmer, what have you done?

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breaking big fish into little fish

I've been haunted all day by this picture, in the NYTimes's story on the great catfish struggle btw. the u.s. and vietnam. (Now there's a justification for war.) Not only does it remind me of Gursky in certain ways, but rarely is the soul-deadening nature of human life and labor so exquisitely depicted in the Times. Also, the picture looks much better in color, so follow the link anyway.

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Point of Clarification

I've been noticing an odd trend in headlines...being written in the present tense, some of them to the detriment of clarity, I think.

I'm talking about things like "U.S. Is Reported to Kill Al Qaeda Leader in Yemen."

Any idea whether this is a lapse in judgement or a program to make news seem more immediate? (I'm looking in your direction, dbrown, but welcome comments from the peanut gallery.)

Also, how cool is it that now we just openly vaporize people we don't like by dropping biblically-named explosives upon them?

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Cute, sporty, AND knows her data structs! buying info: Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java

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November 04, 2002
dirty tricks

wow, this flyer in baltimore is something else. Timothy Noah blames Republicans, with sound reasoning, though no proof.

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Always use a sheepskin condom

What makes a gay man gay? I dunno. But apparently we're much closer to knowing what makes a gay sheep gay.

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fwd: have you seen this?

paging dr. slavin. It's worse than you think. The Guardian reports on "subviral marketing," a nice phrase that seems to mean, in this case, pre-fucked-with adverts. What's Hugo's number?

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November 01, 2002
pick a card

via Kevin, and probably everyone (Kio, I'm looking in your direction) has already seen it, but dadamo serves up pieces of a peculiar robot wisdom, courtesy eno and schmidt.

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Dear Saddam,

Enlarge your penis! Want lower mortgage rates? We've got your mail.

Hm, from the folks at Wired.

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