June 30, 2003
Now I feel better

Bush: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East."

I'd like to think this blasphemy would hurt him in the polls, but I know better.

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Blanket Bouncing

Big Brother comes to Africa.

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June 29, 2003
things I didn't know before today

Today's lessons were about Jeeps:
Can you buy an Army Surplus Jeep in a Crate for $50?
Why is the gas tank located under the driver's seat?
What's an Anti-Decapitation Device?

Well, I felt better informed.

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June 27, 2003
The Long Arm of the MPAA

A U.S. soldier walks into the DVD shop and gets shot.

After Wednesday's announcement by the RIAA that it would take legal action against individuals who share online music, makes me hesitate before I hit the download button.

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June 26, 2003
real estate opportunity

The BLM has put the Mustang Ranch buildings up for sale -- and included dozens and dozens of photographs. The place has seen better days; I wonder what's in the boxes. Oh, and there's a round bed, and this red... thing.

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Scylla and Charybdis, so to speak

Vice, in the person of Jesse Pearson, gets interviewed. Hilarity ensues.

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Our Nero

Hindsight is 20/20, but conspiracy-vision is 200/20, especially when you have video to scrutinize. Does this show a) evidence of W's foreknowledge of the WTC attacks; b) W's skepticism that such an attack could happen here; c) W trying not to freak out future little Florida voters?

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If you haven't seen it yet, Mark "One Hour Photo" Romanek's video of Johnny Cash's cover of a Nine Inch Nails tune is one of the more moving music videos I've seen in a long time. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that the video "revived" Cash's career, but it probably put the Man in Black in a lot of cd players of people who wouldn't have bought his album otherwise.

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June 24, 2003
F Train

today's hipster-girl reading list:
Camera Lucida
Kavalier & Klay

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On the heels of the Supreme Court's significant ruling on Affirmative Action yesterday: a mathematician handicaps the Supreme Court's voting patterns and concludes: "The voting pattern of the Rehnquist court over the last nine years 'shows that the court acts as if composed of 4.68 ideal justices.'" That is, 4.68 ideal justices would have produced the same diversity of decision making. Sad, but just gives scientific credence to what most of us already knew. That Clarence Thomas would vote against affirmative action. (Though it was surprising that Sandra Day voted for it.)

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Urban Nomads

I'm sure in San Francisco and cities in warmer climes, these kids have a far greater presence. To me, my usual reaction to their cardboard entreaties is "No, I won't help you pay for another piercing/tat." But that's mean, I know.

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June 23, 2003

is it saturation that became safari-compliant, or safari that became saturation-compliant? that is the question.

thanks to either jobs or tmonkey

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fighting the good fight

You probably all know about this, but just in case: Move On is sponsoring a progressive presidential primary right now. They're trying to make sure that the progressive/democratic vote isn't as splintered as it was last time. Each of the candidates has written an open letter, for example, this one by Howard Dean that does a nice job of calling bullshit on the Bush Admin (like that's difficult).

They've also started a letter campaign calling for a congressional investigation into the WMD exaggerations that sold us the war. It seems like a more reprehensible category of lie than whether or not you got blowjobs from an intern, doesn't it?

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The Spin Doctor is In

OK, so this guy is a certified phlebotomist, chiropractor and acupuncturist, and his credentials make him almost indistinguishable from the enemy he condemns, but this essay on why Americans will believe anything makes one go hmmm...

(See also Stuart Ewen's PR! A Social History of Spin.)

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June 20, 2003
Lost Boy

This story about a mixed race boy in South Africa sounds ripe for commodification into the standard products of consumer culture (movie, book, brand). In fact, it already has. The abandoned/kidnapped kid, whose blood and upbringing is more mixed than a Dairy Queen flurry, is already pitching paint ads with the line "Any color you can think of."

But beneath that, there are some truly deep racial and identity issues, of a very different hue than what we are used to here in the US.

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June 18, 2003

vectorpark.com -- haunting, lyrical, masterful Flash world. This is one of the only (perhaps the only) work I would have no trouble calling digital art.

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i am reebok

is it healthy to let a 3 year old think he is the brand? (watch mark talk about his favorite things.) gives me flashbacks of the kid who played danny in "the shining."

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June 17, 2003
Love Story


I wish I had a better scan. This is the story of the century.

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June 16, 2003
peenie wallie

Brilliant set of dialect maps from Harvard. I don't know the back story, but the maps on stoop sales and freeways... no, wait, they're all good. via memepool

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June 13, 2003
Tale of Two Headlines

Headline in this morning's Times, p. B3:
"Goal Is to Lay Cornerstone at Ground Zero During G.O.P. Convention"

headline of the online version of the story:
"Officials Plan Speedy Ground Zero Environmental Review"

thank you r.

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Hail to the Klutz

And you thought the Segway was idiot-proof.

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June 10, 2003

So a handyman in Syracuse builds an underground bunker in his backyard, puts a microwave, mattress, and small tub in it, and starts kidnapping girls to be his sex-slaves.

What's wild to me is that he had 4 girls in there at different points (never at the same time, you fiends!) and kept releasing them. But since they never knew where they had been held, they didn't know how to find him. I wonder just what goes through your mind when you're 16 years old and trapped underground for 7 months, and when you finally get to see some sunlight, you know it really means He's coming to visit and you're going to get raped. Can you imagine the college essay?

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emergency urgent request

What's your favorite example of government doublespeak? Believe it or not, this is work-related.

Thanks and sorry for the total misuse of the medium.

Love, Kio

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I like my critics bitter

Hadn't checked in on ol' Geography of Nowhere-man Jim Kunstler, but then MeFi shouted his eyesore of the month out. E.g., this, and with words from a man writing alone in the woods: "The Father of All Clowns communes with one of his many overfed American sons in front of pop's place of business. Looks like Sonny is working up a nice case of arteriosclerosis while he learns to operate his latest plaything. Notice that Sonny's costume is what used to be considered appropriate for children age six and under."

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June 09, 2003
twinned narratives

Bush On WMD: 'We Will Find Them'

Soldiers on WMD: "It doesn't appear there are any more targets at this time," said Lt. Col. Keith Harrington, whose team has been cut by more than 30 percent. "We're hanging around with no missions in the foreseeable future."
Over the past week, his and several other teams have been taken off assignment completely. Rather than visit suspected weapons sites, they are brushing up on target practice and catching up on letters home.

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Looking for WMD?


The way Communism should be.

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Of local interest

Mr. Padolecchia, "who says he is the last living relative of Marco Polo," visits my neighborhood tonight. The Times covers it in a way that makes red-sauce joints sound... interesting.

Inspired by a celebration of Marco Polo in Venice, [Mr. Chirico] decided to name a restaurant he was opening for him. He envisioned it as an elegant tablecloth establishment serving authentic Northern and Southern Italian dishes.
The restaurant, which Mr. Chirico built from scratch with a mix of light-colored stone and dark brick, struggled in the beginning, but now it is something of an institution among the neighborhood's longstanding Italian-American population.
In the evenings, especially on the weekends, patrons dress up and drop their cars with the valets outside. Upstairs, Mr. Chirico has a banquet room with a stained glass inset in the ceiling that has been the setting for everything from a meeting of the Italian Teachers Federation to an elaborate party held by a couple in a rocky marriage (they split up).

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June 08, 2003
Now THAT'S a Scandal!

The pays de Sade shows us how it's done.

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June 07, 2003
I am a frog

What, you say you don't want your kitty to look like Anne of Green Gables? How about Mobutu Seze Soto?

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what kind of dick?

This deserves more than comment status: Porky Pig in Germany is Schweinchen Dick. (Click here to hear Bugs, Daffy, and Foghorn, but no Porky, speak the Deutsch.) (Worth watching; eventually reveals itself to be a parody of an american reality tv show.) (Kevin, can you get someone to speak German with a Porky or Elemer accent and post the mp3?)

Here's what babelfish does with the German précis on Porky/Schweinchen:

Schweinchen thick By its first conception to judge, nobody could have suspected that the fat, nervous and weldingbathed Schweinchen thick of one the first large star of Warner Bros. Cartoons would become. But when the Schweinchen saves coming to a hold The Midnight Ride OF Paul Revere up-said (in the strophe to The load OF the load brigade turns into in the middle), its love-worth, nearly death-courageous persistence the Show.

More love-worth than can ever be repaid.

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June 06, 2003
stay in school

from the pr archives. 1993 seems a long time ago.

Lexus Is Rapping to the Top with Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth

TORRANCE, Calif. (January 20, 1993) -- While most people think of Lexus as appealing to the classical or jazz music set, the luxury division of Toyota is also making inroads into the rap music culture.

The Lexus SC 400 sport coupe is featured in Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's "Straighten it Out,'' which has been on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles Chart for 13 weeks and the Hot Rap Singles Chart for nine weeks.

"Woman or man, the car of the future is the Lexus Coupe or Sedan,'' says C.L. Smooth, who wrote the lyrics to `Straighten it Out.' "It's my dream car. It shows my measurement of success but in a subtle way. There's no ned to put accessories on or in this car. It comes fully loaded. In '93 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth will be behind the wheel of a new 400 SC!''

Lexus executives were at first reluctant to participate, but gave their approval after reviewing the song's lyrics. "Straighten it Out'' shows that rewards, such as Lexus automobiles, are possible if one straightens out his life.

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I don't remember writing that

Highlight from the IP log:
17 05 Jun 2003 / 01:01:17 PM SL136-28.CC.PurdueNC.Edu
Referrer: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=wholesale meteoric liquid y

okay, who's been hiding text about wholesale meteoric liquid?

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the lives they lived

The Guardian begins publishing obits of Iraqi civilians killed in the war.

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"Bacon makes everything crazy. Tie two hot dogs together with bacon. Strangle Bay scallops with bacon. Devil an egg and then stab it with bacon. Stick seventy-seven strips of bacon up a Cornish hen's ass. Rape a baked potato with bacon. Fuck with your peanut butter sandwich. When it's expecting the grape jam, hit it with the bacon...."

Completely off the news-cycle, but funny all the same: idiots making "bacon soap."

"This is bacon fat....It's nasty, gloppy shit that can turn brown paper bags into picture windows and in no way resembles anything resembling soap. But once you add a deadly, noxious poison whose most prized characteristic is the ability to melt hair, that fat will toughen up a bit."

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June 05, 2003
Who will decorate in the style of the indecorous?

www.marthatalks.com indeed. "I simply returned a call from my stockbroker."

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Who will edit the editors?

Executive Editor of The Times and Top Deputy Step Down

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June 04, 2003
a spectre is haunting Japan

To many, "The Toyota Way" describes an innovative way to make cars; "The Machine that Changed the World." To Thomas Gounet, Workers' Party of Belgium, it is a new form of exploitation, and it has a name: Toyotism.

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but what about Jello Biafra?

a Tarot deck for all of us, or at least those of us with certain record collections and bildungsromans.

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Watch: come Monday/Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton will be on the cover of Newsweek and Time, Oprah, and pretty much every talk show. But for now, we have some tidbits leaked to the AP. Of course, her Senate run saved their marriage.

"She describes in bitter terms the months of chill between them afterward, never more painful than when they went to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts for a vacation following his testimony. 'Buddy, the dog, came along to keep Bill company," she writes. "He was the only member of our family who was still willing to.'"

Posted by phrisky at 03:06 PM

... the fact that we've uncovered NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in Eraq hits the front page of the Times. Still, I could barely follow the paper trail -- so one CIA group (of retirees?!) is sniffing the butts of another part of the CIA, and checking up on the October report by a "special elite group" in the Pentagon? Not like it's news, but WE INVADED FOR NOTHING! WE WERE LIED TO!

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June 02, 2003
it's a poor world after all

Habitat for Humanity to open slum 'theme park'.

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Time to crack down on these terrorists

Uh, Christian terrorists, that is.

(Note to self: excise all references to "lost tribes" in future foundational religious literature.)

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