October 26, 2005
Pictures Never Seen


A while back we talked about Andrée's photographs -- film found at the crash site of his Arctic ballooning expedition, found 30 years after he died.

This guy -- no name on the site -- develops exposed film found in junk cameras. We are the first people to see the results. A perfect project.

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October 24, 2005
real estate photography, part 10


Still on hiatus as we try to find some direction, blog-wise. But in the meantime, a reader submission.

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October 07, 2005
Watching the wheels go round and round

Livemarks, a real-time narrative of what people are interested in, at least del.icio.us people.

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October 05, 2005
sweet light crude

from a petroleum glossary

blooey line - discharge pipe
box - female section of a tool joint
daughters of radon decay
doodlebug - seismograph used in prospecting for potential oil-bearing structures
flash butt welding
go-jo (brand name, hand cleaner)
headache - cry of warning of falling objects
jug hustler - helper on seismic crew who puts geophones in place
miscible flood - pumping carbon dioxide into formation to mix with trapped oil
monkeyboard - derrickman's working position
nipple chaser - man tho delivers tools and equipment
pay zone - reservoir, rock where oil and gas found
protension recompletion
sandfrac - injection of jellied oil and graded sand into formation
shut-in bottomhole pressure - pressure at bottom of well
stabbing board - temporary platform
TOA - time of accident
tour - (pronounced "tower") 8-hour shift or 12-hour shift
weep hole
weevil - green hand
worm - new, inexperienced worker

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Celebrity listserv follies

MIT's Society of Women Engineers listserv seems to have reached consciousness and gotten out of control, signing up half the world. This protest reached my email box (and I imagine the rest of the list's) this morning:

From: Tim Berners-Lee
To: mitswe-owner@mit.edu
Cc: lmit@mit.edu
Subject: What is going on?
Date: Oct 5, 2005 11:15 AM
- Why am I getting mail to lmit@mit.edu?
- What is this subscription and unsubscription all about?

Tim Berners-Lee


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