March 30, 2006
real estate photography, part 13


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Condrad Weisser's journal, August 1750, as quoted in C.G. Hine's The Old Mine Road "Aug. 25. Crossed the North River. Sopus being the Sodom of New York we resolved to pass through, and not spend Sunday within it borders. This prolonged our journey into the night and we barely succeeded in finding lodgins on the other side of Hurley."

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March 29, 2006
blast wall

'found graffitin at the UN, Baghdad'

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March 11, 2006


Ali Shalal Qaissi

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March 07, 2006
sleep of the dead

the movie writes itself: "a[n Ambien] spokeswoman, Melissa Feltmann, wrote in an e-mail message, "We are aware of reports of people driving while sleepwalking, and those reports have been provided to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as part of our ongoing postmarketing evaluation about the safety of our products."

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